below is a steadily growing list of (personally) important projects i've been involved with over the years. for works still online, links are included as much as possible... please note: this is by no means a complete CV, but merely intended as quick reference. the list has been compiled chronologically and contains both commercial and private/experimental works. please do contact me, should you have any questions or want to commission me for a new project.

i'm always available for freelance work. thanks!

2005 rebuild

ongoing development

type: art project
database redesign and development of a tag based CMS framework in PHP5. DB can be accessed via a public RESTful API to provide data in XML.

a book designed to help

released: 04/2005

type: book feature

charity book project with all proceeds going to to help tsunami victims. full page feature of generative flower study done in processing.

the [macronaut] hub

released: 03/2005

type: open source / art
link: /hub

modular engine for creating sound-reactive 3D visualizations using shockwave 3d. released under CC license. exhibited at: AMODA, MediaRuimte, Dorkbot Ghent, Cybersonica 2005

released: 01/2005

type: open source / research

ongoing private research project/tool to batch generate RDF FOAF profiles from vCard/LDIF address collections and data mining/autodiscovery techniques using 3rd party webservices.


released: 11/2004

type: commercial

re-designed agency website using a dynamically resizing treemap as navigation metaphor. built using java and libraries.

toxi @ mediaruimte


type: talk / exhibition

artist talk, live performance (with kangding ray) and solo exhibition at MediaRuimte (lab-au), Brussels



type: commercial research

design consultation / prototype development...


released: 08/2004

type: online game

kaleidoscopic 3D audio-visual experience/driving game to support the launch of BMW 1 Series in europe. macromedia site of day award on 16/09/04

toxi @ sonar


type: talk / exhibition

Panel discussion about Processing, exhibition piece (base26) at CCCB, Barcelona

toxi @ AMODA


type: exhibition / performance

live performance of "the hub" as part of "digital showcase #27" at AMODA, austin, texas


released: 03/2004

type: open source / art / visualization
link: /p5/base26/

an interactive 4D visualization of all english four-letter words. built with Processing. exhibited at: Sonar 2004, Coded Cultures, MediaRuimte, Dorkbot

Levi's EU relaunch '04


type: commercial ( for )

new version of XML driven flash site container, generic form layout engine, flash CMS template with XML based stylesheets. multiple award winning VMX video messaging application with auto-complete text editor in 5 languages



in ongoing development

type: open source

a new tool and entire approach to programming and developing interactive ideas conceived by ben fry and casey reas. part of the core development team working on several aspects of the graphics engine.

RSPCA cyberpet

released 12/2003

type: commercial ( for )

front end lingo programming, pet AI behaviours, skeletal animation using RA3D (see below) and XML server interaction



type: art festival

3 day live show as part of open-digi crew at this festival in the docklands of amsterdam (nl).

Levi's EU FlashMX site container

launched 05.03.03

type: commercial ( for )

main site user interface, internal framework and XML backend integration, lead developer, ongoing project


Levi's US Superbowl games

was online 12/2002 - 01/2003

type: commercial ( for )
link: n/a

programmed 4 flash mini games
technical guidance & coded parts for "stampede" shockwave3D game

Levi's US main site

type: commercial ( for )

design and code for: flash/xml multilevel top navigation, numbersguide and jeansfinder
shockwave3D screensaver

ReAnimator3D lingo bones animation tool

released 11/2002

type: private (shareware)
link: /reanimator3d/index.htm

fully featured, GUI driven, proprietary director developer tool to build, export an integrate lingo based 3D bone animations

Feature in E-Project vol.1 book

released 10/2002

type: private
link: published by HDI

4-page website feature and interview in imin pao's edited book.


released 10/2002

type: private( for )
link: /macronaut/index.htm

shockwave3D based VJ engine prototype/tech demo. produced for issue 125 @ k10k, also double page spread feature & interview in issue 35 of CreateOnline magazine
also featured in issue 47 of italian online magazine Fucine

Sentinel Islands: TANK game

alpha released 07/2002

type: private

project website for a online multiplayer realtime strategy game in shockwave3D & still in ongoing development. playable demo available on website.

Glennfiddich Havana Reserve 21 CD-ROM

released 06/2002

type: commercial (for phorensic )
link: n/a

programming part of semi-cinematic product presentation

The Well

released 06/2002

type: private (for )
link: /thewell/index.htm

soundreactive audiovisual shockwave3D installation/projection piece originally produced for Convergence/Cybersonica festival @ ICA, London

Boddingtons Master games

released 05/2002

type: commercial (for )
link: n/a

programmed 2 shockwave games: MasterPinnball and MasterDarts

Rob Dougan CD-ROMs

released 05/2002

type: commercial (for phorensic )

programming/production of director based cover CD-ROM for Dazed&Confused magazine, incl. soundtoy and listening part w/ 3D visuals, later published separately as screensaver
programming/user interface of special industry album sampler CD-ROM

SKYY blue

released 04/2002

type: commercial (for lambesis )
link: /skyy/index.htm

exclusively commissioned shockwave3D/lingo generated animation piece for SKYY Blue drink website.


Levi's US Superlow Limbo game

was online 12/2001

type: commercial ( for )
link: n/a

programming and co-design of isometric limbo-on-ice shockwave game, used for fundraising campaign

SpectraCol goes Anime72dpi

released 11/2001

type: private (for die gestalten verlag )
link: project info below

spectracol featured in anime72dpi book and DVD

Silvertab's games

was online 2001

type: commercial ( for )
link: n/a

programming and co-design of 3 shockwave games:
101 Stuntcar Racer (side scrolling car jumping),
Cannonball Chase (isometric car racing with AI opponent)
Hide&Seek (side scrolling stealth game, parts of code only)

Director 8.5 Studio book

released 09/2001

type: commercial (for friends of ed )
link: n/a

involved in initial book planning phase and author of chapter 6 "The principles of 3D worlds"

Microsoft Server campaign

was online 08/2001

type: commercial ( for zinc )
link: n/a

concept, design and programming of 4 flash banners for MicrosoftUK, incl. one w/ a textured realtime 3D cube in F4 and just under 13KB
was Campaign of the Week in Revolution magazine 08/01

Liberation demo

released: 04/2001

type: private
link: /liberation/index.htm

realtime imaging lingo demo, showcasing various specialFX
1st prize @ annual demo competition



launched 11/2000

type: private
link: /spectracol/index.htm

interactive colour theory visualisation tool, colour picker, eyecandy, all in a 24KB shockwave
Macromedia Site of the Day 31/01/2001

Virgin Atlantic UpperClass Experience

was online 10/2000-2001

type: commercial ( for zinc )
link: n/a

art direction, concept, design and programming of 2 minute long movie and interactive flash 4 microsite, explaining the seemless experience of flying w/ VA

Virgin Cola MusicLab

launched 08/2000

type: commercial ( for zinc )

design, programming and audio for flash 4 based soundtoy website / T3D engine

launched 08/2000

type: private
link: /toxic3d.htm

first iteration / appearance of this site and release of flash 4 based opensource 3D engine

SonyMusic Notredame de Paris musical

launched 05/2000

type: commercial ( for zinc )
link: n/a

co-design and programming of initial flash website

Microsoft Knowledge Management CD-ROM

released 02/2000

type: commercial ( for zinc )
link: n/a

design, programming (dhtml/javascript) of CD-ROM
concept, art direction and postproduction of intro movie


Zinc showreel

released 12/1999

type: commercial ( for zinc )
link: /video.htm

concept, design and postproduction (AfterEffects) of company showreel, done in 80 hours(!!)

Virgin Atlantic screensavers

released 09/1999

type: commercial ( for zinc )
link: n/a

concept, design, programming of 2 flash screensavers

Microsoft Explora CD-ROM

released 04/1999

type: commercial ( for zinc )
link: n/a

art direction, design, programming (dhtml/javascript) of CD-ROM
1st project w/ flash 3 used


V2 Music website

released 10/1998

type: commercial ( for omniscience )
link: n/a

art direction, design, programming (dhtml/javascript) of website templates
integration with apple webobjects



launched 1995

type: commercial ( for I-D Media )
link: n/a

concepts, editorial, design and programming (html/javascript/perl) of music related pages under
realised online music recording workshop/tutorials with bi-weekly updates for 1 year
technical lead for live webcasts from West sponsored art events/parties
setup of online radio station using RealAudio 1.0

E-CYAS / Cycosmos

launched 1997

type: commercial ( for I-D Media )

e-cyas logo design and full typeface


The Brundles

released: 11/1993

type: commercial game
link: screenshot

assembler programming and game design of commercial Lemmings clone for Atari XL/XE with support for RAM extensions and multiple game controllers.

(c) karsten schmidt,