the well

welcome... how did you get here?
the well is a very deep & dark place. you are close to the surface of the water, or at least at first sight you think that's what that black liquid is. everything is calm until you start making noises, start screaming for help... only then things around you start coming to life by your (re)actions: ripples, waves, tsunamis appear. from them strange entities emerge, surrounding you, then floating towards the daylight far above you...

concept, design, code: toxi
asFFT xtra code: antoine schmitt
logo design: miles newlyn

last update: 08/05/2003
calibration feature, read below.

get shockwave...

this demo will automatically download a shockwave xtra to take samples from the sound input of your machine. this means you can either connect a microphone or simply play an audio CD or even just mp3 files. you can choose a sound source once the application and xtra have loaded. check the input gain is set to a decent level. adjust this level later on, in case the visuals seem to be out of synch or don't properly react to the sound.

within limits, you can also adjust the sensitivity by (repeatedly) pressing the keys "[" or "]". this way you can amplify or reduce the complexity of the visuals. use the images on this page as a guide for optimal behaviour in the well. click and drag the mouse to look around/up in the environment.

note to win2k/xp users...
the new version of the asFFT xtra (v2.07) fixes all of the previous issues with newer soundcards. if you still experience any problems, please let me know!
note to mac users...
if you choose an audio CD as input, the sound level can be set in the old apple audio CD player app, however *not* in iTunes, which doesn't route the audio data through the soundmanager. big sorry to OSX users as well: you'll (still) have to run the demo under classic as there's no native version of the xtra (yet)...

recommended cd's...
dj kicks: kemistry & storm
basswerk sessions vol.1
aphex twin: druqks

luke slater: wireless
alec empire

juan atkins
carl craig
boards of canada

fresh moods
dj shadow