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Please support the development of this software by registering your copy!

ReAnimator3D is shareware. To use motions created with this tool in your own projects, you'll need to register your copy. You can order a serialnumber online for USD $50. Registered users will also receive free updates.

All orders are processed by ShareIt!, which accept various forms of payment (credit cards, wire transfers etc.) and are happy to help you with any questions related to the ordering process. You can contact them at

How to register...

- Click the register link above and fill in your order
- ShareIt! will send you a confirmation email with the registration code (serial number)
- Launch the RA3D main app and select the "Register" menu (in the Apple menu on Macs; in the Help menu on Windows)
- Fill in your personal name and code (case sensitive!) to activate the full version


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