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Current release version: 1.04

UPDATED @ 2007-10-23: Now licensed under the GPLv2 this is an open source re-release of my old bones animation keyframe editor and player tool, originally sold as shareware. Apart from disabling the registration code, this version is unchanged and has not been updated since spring 2003.

My interests have moved on from Director a couple of years ago and I do not intend to maintain or keep on developing this software in any form. Being open source this is now all down to the community of interested users and developers.


ReAnimator3D is a new innovative tool for Director developers to create keyframe animations as well as offering interactive control over bones in Shockwave 3D models. The tool is a very cheap alternative to expensive software like 3D StudioMax, Maya, LightWave etc. ReAnimator3D (RA3D) can be used with models created in any W3D compatible modelling software with bones export, but is especially recommended to ShapeShifter3D users.


Intuitive, easy to learn GUI driven environment with Director style timeline

Using exported motions in own projects is as easy as using the built-in default Director bonesplayer.

RA3D offers a unique feature to dynamically in/exclude bones from the animation at runtime or to manually overwrite bone transforms. This way, keyframe animations don't remain hardcoded movements, but can become fully interactive and so feel much more complex. For instance, a game character could start limbing, or its whole upperbody is being aligned to the mouse movements while the legs continue playing the normal keyframe animation. The possibilities are endless...

Motions created with RA3D are not stored with the model in the W3D file, but remain separate and can be exported as textfile.

Lingo Player has very low CPU overhead (1ms with our test models/motions on G4/400)


screenshot #1 screenshot #2

Interactive Demo

The demo below shows the RA3D player module in action. The motions have been created in the editor and then exported for use in this demo. Some bones of the model are set to overwriting existing animation data in order to make the animation interactive. So move your mouse to control the movement of the torso, head and arms.

Credits & Thanks

ReAnimator3D is a labour of love conceived and executed by Karsten "toxi" Schmidt.
Made with (and for) Macromedia Director.
Sample 3D models,animations and icon design by Karl Andersson

Big thanks & shouts to: Lateral, dirgames-L, dir3D-L, Mia, Karl, Vegard

© 2002 karsten schmidt (a production)