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Current release version: 1.04

ReAnimator3D is now released under the open source GPL license (The player code itself remains in the public domain) and comes in two different download flavours: Windows executable and as Director source file. You can download both versions from this page.

All download packages include full documentation, Lingo player Parent Scripts and a sample movie showing an exported motion with interactive features in action.

Please have a look at the docs and version history for information on new features.

This software is licenced under the CC-GNU GPL.

Download for Windows... (3.1MB)

Download source files... (380KB)

System requirements:

-Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP
-16MB free RAM

Version history

v1.04 (23.10.2007)

- disabled registration code
- re-released project under GPL

v1.02 (16.12.2002)

- fixed: keyboard shortcuts stopped working in prev. versions
- player with added option of running frame based with manual updates
- editor interface improvements:
- create keyframes by double clicking in the timeline
- right click on a keyframe to delete it - motions can be switched via keyboard (CTRL/CMND+0...9)
- export file automatically stripped of whitespace -> smaller filesize

v1.01 (21.11.2002)

- changed project file format
- improved keyframe display in timeline
- fixed player bug related to "Index out of range" error

v1.00 (20.11.2002)

first official release

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