Note: This project and the underlying JMF framework are deprecated and not being maintained anymore. Please use alternative solutions, e.g. this Processing wrapper for OpenCV

LibCV - alternative video capture for Processing


Reliable support for video capture in Processing seems to be still problematic due to the combined shakiness introduced by QT4Java, WinVDIG and QuickTime 7. Urgently needing a reliable capture facility and not having had time to dive into the depths of the QT4Java API myself, trying to figure out where things are going wrong in combination with Processing, I decided to get my head around Sun's Java Media Framework (JMF), in order to get live video into my project.



Relatively detailed Javadocs for most methods are included in the download, but please remember this is the initial release, so there's not that much to see yet and some concepts probably need far more explanation.


Even though applets using this library could be exported and run online on user machines with JMF installed, there's currently one major issue being it's quite involved figuring out the default video capture device and its best capture format, all on-the-fly... So I don't expect these examples to run on your machine, but at least you get to look at the source to get a feel for the library.

I also admit these examples don't really do any justice to some of the features, but due to time constraints this is as good as it gets at the moment. Please see the javadocs for descriptions of some more interesting features.

Important: In any case you'll need to have Sun's JMF installed to run those applets. See below...

  1. JMFSimpleTest
  2. LibCVExample


To install, simply unzip the archive into the "libraries" folder of your Processing installation and restart Processing. The distribution contains all source code and Javadocs.


The library requires the Sun Java Media Framework to be installed prior to using. The library has only been tested with Java1.5.0_06 under Windows XP in both Processing-0115 and Eclipse 3.1. Cameras tested: Philips ToUCam, Creative Vista Plus


Make sure your camera is connected to your machine when installing JMF. You'll need a device descriptor string for each capture device. Sometimes (on some machines) JMF doesn't seem to recognize your device even though the correct descriptor is used. In these case, try to unplug and replug your device and/or launch the JMFRegistry application and choose "Detect capture devices" to revalidate.

Credits / License

CC - Some rights reservedCopyright © Karsten Schmidt 2006 < contact >
This library is Free software and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.