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Cre@teOnline feature + interview


issue #35 of Cre@teOnline magazine has a 2 page article and interview about the making of Macronaut in the INSIGHT section. even though there're some obligatory journalistic word/thought twisters in it, it's still close to the truth and hopefully of any interest to you. the issue is on sale now.


open_digi night >> post demo

upcoming live event: 17.01.03

lastest installment of the open_digi nights in brixton, this time dedicated to the demo scene. talk and live performance by demo deconstructivist and VJ extra-ordinaire zden (satori) from bratislava, SK and myself. please come and join us, if you're in london. more info here...


ReAnimator3D update v1.02


just posted a medium update with bug fixes and a few new features & interface improvements.


ReAnimator3D - Lingo bones editor


finally released version 1.0 of my bone animation editor for both mac/pc. The tool comes complete with sample project, all the docs and player demo with interactive control over bones.


k10k issue 125: macronaut


been in the make over the last 4 months, twelve handcrafted lingo scripts transforming the subspace harmonics of the soundtrack by my old college friend meekmocha. the aim was to create a close to 100% audio-visual synch between realtime 3d animations and the deep atmospheres of the audio part of the production.


skyy demo re-release


the final version of the previously unpublished skyy blue demo is now available (again). new soundtrack jammed by toxi & friends. more info on rollover on the left...


site relaunch - ohmagawd!


can't believe i finally did it! the new site is up and running, even though not as expected. originally i planned to do some fancy PHP stuff, especially for the code depot. but well, you'll have to wait for that slightly longer. still... check out the new stuff, i hope you enjoy the new layout as much as my humble self. have fun!

open_digi live event


it was a great and weird night of VJing until 7am @ brady's in brixton. other guests were elout, hi-res and urban75. hopefully soon again at a new venue. big thanks to atty for organising everything!!!


sentinel islands: TANK website launched


karl and me finally put in some effort to build a dedicated website for our 3D realtime strategy / combat game. playable demo, screenshots, storyline, tech details, FAQ etc. the full monty is here...


setpixel.com democomp2.0


my dear friend charles forman of setpixel.com is organising once more round #2 of the director demo competition, which officially started today. true to the roots, i couldn't resist to mock up a quick & dirty inofficial invitation demo, which you can see here...


soundtoys.net feature: the well


although still work in progress, my latest project "the well" is featured work of the month at stanza's online gallery of interactive sound pieces soundtoys.net and is also currently shown as part of the cybersonica festival at the institute of contemporary arts in london.