I've started my own little design studio exploring the possibilities of mixing various design disciplines and software development. And so has now archive status and I'll not be updating this site any further.

To check out all the new exciting projects, please head over to the new studio website...

blogging toxi


finally came to the decision it's unclever to have a so called news section and a blog. so all future updates/news items will be posted the blog only. you know it makes sense...

/blog relaunch


recently relaunched, the new lateral website is now just a single page with all content only a single click away, regardless of where you are on the site. build with Java and Processing's graphic library, custom GUI and text rendering engine.

VJ Culture 08

18.11.04 - 9:15pm

A 90 mins screening/presentation of recent VJ works at the ICA, London, hosted by VJ Anyone. i'll be presenting a video of my latest soundreactive module. other participating VJs are: Moto, Vnaut,, Oxygen, Monitor Automatique, HFR-Lab, D-fuse & Lusine, Monk, Pixelshifter, Honeygun Labs

toxi @ mediaruimte, brussels


slowly getting ready for my little installation, show & tell at MediaRuimte / lab-AU in brussels. saturday night october 23rd, 8:30pm till late. the event is part of the Cimatics festival which will run for 10 days from that weekend. Kangding Ray of berlin's RasterNoton label will be creating aural landscapes on the night.



launched almost 2 months ago, this is a trippy, kaleidoscopic audio-visual car racing experience to support the launch of the new BMW 1 series. developed for and with the nice peeps at MemeDigital. also just found out it's been macromedia site of the day last week!

more confirmed events


austin's AMODA will feature several sound-reactive macronaut engine modules (incl. 3 previously unreleased ones) as part of their Digital Showcase #27 on may, 20th.

also just confirmed participation in CODED CULTURES exhibition at freiraum, vienna, may 16th-30th. yay!

upcoming events


spring is here at last and the festival season will kick off shortly with some realworld events:

show & tell at dorkbot in ghent, may 21

"base26" as part of the processing exhibition at sónar, barcelona, june 17-19



spent the last week working on a little piece in Processing to visualize the entire set of 4-letter words in the english language. here it is, incl. source code.


blogging toxi


happy new year everyone! thought it would be about time to post more updates and thoughts etc. to this site, alas there's no time for the long needed re-design. so a little blog seemed to next best thing. for now it's mainly about Proce55ing




my new weapon of choice is still in alpha stage, but already has a fast growing community of 600+ users. developed by an international open source team around ben fry (MIT) and casey reas (Interaction Institute Ivrea) and being java based it will bring programming closer to newcomers whilst giving them freedom of expression without restricting design metaphors like in flash/director.

project homepage:
my examples: /p5/index.htm

more upcoming events


under the umbrella you can see some of my work at newforms festival in vancouver, dates 30/07 - 02/08.

august 15th - 17th i shall be re-joining the open_digi collective for a 3 day live VJ jam at TestPortal in amsterdam. more info...

toxi @ PEAM2003


thanks to the ++nice people @ artificialia, some of my work (macronaut & the well) will be shown at Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting 1st edition, 21th - 25th may.

the well v1.2 update


just released a minor update of "the well" (with hopefully major impact!) which is now using the latest asFFT xtra and should work fine w/ most soundcards. check it out!


asFFT 2.0 released / the well update


antoine schmitt released an update to his fast fourier transformation xtra which now also supports newer soundcards with 16bit+ audio only. i shall be working on an update to "the well" asap.

toxi history added


finally added the beginnings of a "work archive", or overview of past projects (since 1996) to the site.


macronaut OSX standalone release


huge thanks to marty-at-interface-newmedia for building a fullscreen OSX standalone of macronaut.


macronaut source code release


macronaut source code released to the public (without great documentation, but incl. all artwork). quick, quick, get it while it's still warm...


older news...