twelve handcrafted lingo scripts transforming the subspace harmonics of the macronaut soundtrack. they mix up audio energy fields with random parameters and expand your screen to dimensions three. they tell you the pseudo-truth of it all. beware of subliminal messages! trust in code and music.




minimum requirements_

.shockwave 8.5
.400 mhz cpu
.gfx card with 8mb vram
.openGL/directX 7
.calibrated eyes and ears

view online_

.lo-fi audio version (1.3MB)
.hi-fi audio version (4.3MB)

download standalone_

.mac OSX (3.4MB)
.mac classic (6.9MB)
.windows (6.6MB)
.source code (read disclaimer below)

.get shockwave!

update_ (2005-03-09) the next iteration of this project is now available as "the hub" and constitutes a generic, modular standalone music visualization engine. check it out!

abstract_ macronaut was an attempt to produce a music video using only code generated elements. over 4 months in the make, the piece consists of 12 modules representing the various scenes. scene cuts are triggered by approx. 250 cuepoints of various types in the mp3 audio, each type controlling different layers in the animation. however once triggered they take place semi-randomly with more modules being introduced over time. excluding textures, all other elements of the piece are of generative nature: 3d geometry and their animations / deformations, camera movements, the random phrase generator, macronaut logo etc. conceptionally, the visual themes used are mainly derrived from classic ideas in mathematics and physics, such as the fibonacci sequence, energy fields, molecular growth to name just a few.

source code_ i originally intended to release the source only once i'd have had the time to properly document and clean it up, however due to workload and increasing public interest earlier this year, i decided to release it on a "as is" basis...

so here's the deal people...

below is the link to download the raw, original .dir file, which is only sparingly documented and comes with the following...

disclaimer_ the sourcecode is provided as is and without any direct (or implied) warranty, including the warranty to function. use it entirely at your own risk! the release is intended for educational purposes only. no part of the code, music or artwork may be used for commercial purposes (incl. public performance) without prior written permission by the authors. if you're going to use any part of this work in a non-commercial project, you'll need to credit the author in the project.

fyi_ the macronaut demo was only a 2nd proof-of-concept work/prototype of a more general demo/VJ engine i'm currently developing in my little spare time left. even though i tried to use OOP wherever possible, a lot of the code is by far not as modular as i wished it to be. i still hope though, it'll help you in learning more about (3D) lingo as all visuals are code generated and animated. have fun!

-> download source code (2.6MB)

links_ for more information, please contact macronaut at or visit the related links below:

-> work in progress modules

-> "The Well" installation (online version)


screenshots_ the images below are available for download at their fullsize version ( 1100x540 pixels @ 72dpi, approx. 93 x 46 mm @ 300 dpi) - click thumbnails to enlarge