Monday, May 21, 2007

BD4D London, this Friday.

1.5 years since their last event, By Designers For Designers returns to London's ICA this Friday, this time featuring the following people & their short presentations:
Motion designers Rob Chiu and Chris Hewitt from Devoid of Yesterday.

The interactive work of Karsten Schmidt (erm, that's me... :) at toxi.

Steve Price from Plan B studio.

Exploring interaction between man and machine with Andreas Muller of Nanika / Hi-Res.

Marc and Tommi, ex-hi-res creatives who are starting a new and exciting venture together.

Interactive media artist and researcher (and fellow contributor to MB's KEF installation) Chris O'Shea.

Tim Nolan of Spent 2000.

Mark Hough: design and moving image.

More info & tickets here: BD4D and ICA

If you fancy coming along, make sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment. I've been told seating is strictly limited and at least 1/3 of tickets are sold already...

Maybe see you there?!