Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Up & coming in The Netherlands

As usual, a last minute notification (few hours before leaving) about my participation in this year's TodaysArt festival in The Hague, Netherlands.

<>TAG kindly invited me to give 2 lectures about my Processing works in the context of their Information Aesthetics 2 symposium. First I'll be joining Mr. Casey Reas and Aaron Koblin @ Mediamatic in Amsterdam, this Thursday at 2030h.

The Information Aesthetics symposium will then take place at the Spui Theatre, The Hague on Saturday from 1400-1800h. Marius Watz and Manuel Lima (author of Visual Complexity) will also take part in this so am looking ++forward to see what everyone has been up to recently and of course to the discussion about our varied approaches.

Last but not last, I (under the Moving Brands moniker) will be responsible for the re-staging of an adaptation of the KEF Muon audio visualization - this time unfortunately without the Muon speakers & LED floor - but projected in the amazing space of the Richard Meier designed city hall of The Hague. This will be happening throughout Friday and Saturday.