Thursday, November 09, 2006

Processing meets radiosity

In the last few days I've been doing some more research about getting higher quality 3D images out of Processing and had another closer look at Sunflow, a very fine Java based open source radiosity renderer.

triangles_AOCC_gloss_HD triangles_AOCC_SD

These are some of the first test images I created with my upcoming library (using beginRaw()) to output Sunflow scene description files for later use/rendering. I've also written a little command line tool to batch render exported sequences and am enquiring the use of Sun's grid computing facility as renderfarm ($1 per CPU hour, pay-as-you-go) for these type of jobs...

Being 100% Java, Sunflow could also be integrated as renderer into the Processing tool chain directly by wrapping it inside a PGraphics class. Sunflow's architecture is very clean and easy to use and customize via its API. Scenes and all elements can also be directly created and manipulated procedurally via Java. Adjusting quality settings, one could initially render at very low res to achieve near realtime previews and then switch to fullres (with supersampling/antialiasing) when exporting frames (also available as OpenEXR/HDR)... Watch this space!