Tuesday, June 13, 2006

LibCV and JMFSimpleCapture

Trying to keep up with promises given, I've just uploaded the 1st public release of my shamefully basic video capture and computer vision library. All info, examples, docs and source are over there for your perusal.

I especially would like to encourage mac and linux users to give it a spin, since I have no way of testing the code on these platforms.

Also, let me say right here that I don't intend to actively develop or maintain this library (unless I require some things personally). There're still a bunch of filters waiting for release, which could be quite helpful in this context, but most likely will remain independent from this library.

Having said that, the stuff is released under the LGPL. So I encourage anyone interested to build upon this basic framework and see if it can be(come) a viable alternative to the QT4Java approach of Processing's built-in video capture library.