Monday, May 23, 2005

The joys of screen scraped feeds

So I only noticed yesterday that apparently the most recent message in the Processing forums was on the 18th, something i simply couldn't believe... A quick sanity check of my local version quickly turned out the offending culprit wasn't actually my fault. Someone has changed the HTML of the forum to bring it a step closer to validating and correctly put all tag attributes into double quotes. Good. Only problem was this tiny change stopped the main RegExp used for the feed generation from matching anything on that page - hence we had an empty feed for the past 4 days. Now fixed again until further (lack of) notice... ;)

UPDATE: There was actually a bit more broken/changed, and you also might have to remove and then re-add the feed in order to see the new items in your reader software. I don't get quite why, but it seemed to have helped in Thunderbird...