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this site is my archive of selected interactive works from 2000-2005.

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we all are learning from each other, so here's my tiny contribution to the open source community.

some of my projects are standalone applications, offline versions, screensavers etc.

important note: unless stated otherwise, all content is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License

below are some top links to top people and their top work ;)

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base 26

this is a small interactive spatial visualization of all english four-letter words. letters are interpreted as 4D coordinates, shown in a smoothly transforming 3D space. produced with Processing.


the [macronaut] hub

a standalone music visualization software for realtime generated 3D visuals, based on the macronaut demo from 2002 and released as open source under a Creative Commons License..



my first exploration of Semantic Web technologies, this is an experimental tool to generate metadata descriptions of people and their social network by using external webservices and autodiscovery techniques to retrieve existing online information about a user.



a new open-source sandbox environment for learning the fundamentals of computer programming within the context of the electronic arts as well as an electronic sketchbook for developing ideas. initiated by ben fry (MIT) and casey reas (UCLA), the tool is currently still in development by an international team of dedicated users.

links to recent experiments/studies with source code...



twelve handcrafted lingo scripts transforming the subspace harmonics of the macronaut soundtrack. they mix up audio energy fields with random parameters and expand your screen to dimensions three. they tell you the pseudo-truth of it all.

beware of subliminal messages!
trust in code and music.


the well

a sound reactive installation piece, originally developed for the well is an extremely dark and wet place until you start making noises...



RA3D is a new innovative tool for Director developers to create keyframe animations as well as offering interactive control over bones in Shockwave 3D models. The tool is a very cheap alternative to expensive software like 3D StudioMax, Maya, LightWave etc. RA3D can be used with models created in any W3D compatible modelling software with bones export, but is especially recommended to ShapeShifter3D users.


SKYY blue

an exclusively commissioned and simply "blue" themed demo for the SKYY Blue website, which never made it on there due to client's attitude.

soundtrack is the result of a sunday afternoon live jam session in '98 with my friend christiano a. sossi on the fretless bass.

WARNING: ~1MB filesize


into the deep

one of my first SW3D experiments with realtime mesh deformations. jellyfish inspired by the BBC's "blue planet" series. source code available.


lorenz attractor

animated version of that classic semi-chaotic formula. the colour of each particle depends on its current speed of movement. source code available.

WARNING: needs fast CPU, might freeze your machine for upto 1 minute whilst precalculating data -> be patient :)



colour picker, eye candy and educational tool. visualises the principles of additive and substractive colour synthesis using 3 tinted, modulated sine waves. macromedia site of the day 31/01/2001.



my first imaging lingo demo, winning entry @ setpixel democomp 2001: realtime skinning of procedural surfaces, pixelation FX, shapemorph tunnel, drum&bass soundtrack. source code available.



online portfolio of my wife's photography work. interface slightly inspired by some low budget film :)


nu blood

matmos oil projector meets imaging lingo: realtime, 2D vector/warp grid based image deformations. best seen on touch screens!


infinite bobs

an old effect from Atari XL/XE times. uses 8x offscreen buffering to create virtually infinite amounts of moving particles.


abstract beauty

playing around with some sine functions in flash 4 or in today's advanced flash speak: complex, interactive artificial life experiment... yeah right!


back to the grassroots

chilling out with miaki in fulham palace park back in the summer of love of 2000. then we went home to watch microcosm...


zinc promo

80 hours of afterFX madness to produce a lyrical promo without brief for the now defunct new media agency.